Thursday, August 04, 2005
A Good Day for me!!
Hello all,

I think I am getting famouse...Well its been spotted by a doctor on the us side...err have to stop mentioning the weed!

Well he has passed me a link to explane...please read and pass round to any ms'ers out there! We need somone to take note of what we are going through...and the best people to listen to are the doc's! Judge for yourself and let me know what you think...please!

Link to what I have been sent!

Back on with the's sineads birthday(and I wont tell you how old!) today...maybe she will leave a note to say thanks! No she isnt brave enough! Happy Birthday...

I have seen a good way to view life today. I was walking back from work and saw an old guy(75-80 years old) with a stick...he was walking faster than me. He just got out of sight so I tried to keep up. He passed a traffic crossing...he pressed the button for the lights and walked on, not over the crossing but down the path(sidewalk!) and I could see him smiling as he looked round to check I wasnt looking. He looked like a naughty child! Lol good lad! Live a little, you never too old to have fun...or to ill! 1 more day till the most beutiful girl in the world is staying over for a drink....(yes she now has the web address for this blog!xxxx)
Be nice on the makeup front babe(picture will be here after the weekend!)

Roll on the weekend!Hope everyone is having a good 'n'!
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  • At 1:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    wow you are lucky to be asked to review that book. the author and his wife was on a talk show a couple of months ago promoting their book. i say go for it.

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