Friday, August 05, 2005
All in the name of gothing up a flat!Just spent £15:00 on candles! What do they do? They smell! Made my pasty taste funny as well! You never want to taste a Vanilla sausage roll ever! Meat and vanilla dont mix!!!

Got my order for food/beer coming this evening! Delivery from supermarket done on line!
Oh and back from work early as legs just went away from me! Pain is really bad, might need to get some pain killers soon! Hope I am going to be ok for tomorrow! Just going to relax from now till 8 pm tomorrow! Asked to leave early today from work as feet feel like there on fire! Cleaning the flat will be done in the morning....well after luch...when I can! Need more music:

Leftfield-Swords (the base line on this track rules!)
Les Rythames Digitales - Jaques your body (used in a commercial for a car I think!)
Mekon- Welcome to tackel town (bring on the weekend! I want to shake my ass!Wooo!)
Propellerheads- Comintogetya(oooooooo! what a tune!)

Has anyone tryed that Swank Diet? Tempted but...I dont think I could start a diet called a S from....yeah you know what I mean!

Hope your all ok

P.s Dont ever do your food shopping on line when your will end up with beer, chips, dips and breakfast food...not a good way to start the week!LOL!
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  • At 1:01 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    Carefull with those candles ... dont want your next post to come from the burn ward.

  • At 1:30 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    well with all these purple and black throws too! Burns unit here I come! Ha!

  • At 2:12 pm, Blogger mouse said…

    Hey Big Guy! Go to the www site called There is so much info there from many many MSer's and all the methods they are using to stop the beast, including swank. Click on forums when you get there. It will be one of the options that are up for discussion. It is the most informative site I have found so check it out. Have a great weekend!

  • At 7:12 pm, Blogger localhost said…

    shopping when hungry is a nightmare. never go shopping hungry. you'll end up with £50 worth of snack food. have a good weekend geezer.

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