Monday, August 08, 2005
tonight is the Paul Mckenner thing!
This update is done before 9 and I have my fingers cross to see the results he can get! This is going to be a long one so get yourself a beer and get comfortable!

I think the weekend was brill! I have been into work today from 9 till 17:00! Thats a full days work! Jen is a star! she has awaked me to life! You can be happy Just smile and get on with it! No one else is going to make you happy get out there and do it! Find that special person and love them through and through! I have a new view on life today! No one is taking it from me without a fight!I think its helped me not to talk to the only contact she is getting from me is through this blog! Sorry mate but no more looking back!
I bought Jen a wont make sence without knowing the conversation I had with her about old cinema productions! I bought her a dvd of the 1st version of Moulin rouge! Ok no dissing it untill you have seen it! She drew me a picture which coming through the post! Cant wait to see it and I am not putting on here untill its been on my wall!(personal picture as I have nothing on the walls in my flat!) Budding artist so cant wait! I just know its great just coz its from her! The best present she gave me was to spay her perfume on my pillow with her perfume...8 hours perfect sleep!

Had a hard day today! I wont bore you with the little bits,Got the disabled chair on tram by asking for it politley....ect.

Been smiling all today and cant get rid of it! Its annoying me now! Got cds in the post...Elliot Smith....hole back catolog! Really really good! Very impressed! Shame about him passing away as would love to here more(he was very emotional man!)

*****Got a star Email (Kim and Mate!) asking me to advertise a website for ms sufferers check this out:********

Lots of info for us! Just turn the speakers on before you start surfing on it! Good call Kim! Remember we have a vioce so use it however we can!

Going to wash a shirt for tomorrow now I will do the Paul Mckenner update tomorrow! Hope he is curing more than giving up smoking! Go On Paul!

Forgot to mention....its Damb hot in Manchester and its playing hell with my feet! Got a beer now and a Happy Face! Cant wait to see Jen again! What a star!

Forgot...tune of the day:
Elliott Smith:Coast to Coast
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  • At 5:04 am, Blogger Kim said…

    Thanks Dave! Totally appreciate the plug! :)

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