Monday, August 08, 2005
Watched it!
hmm, Henny Saunders had ms for 20 years and is currently loosing mobilty! She wanted Paul to help her get too her daughters Wedding....It reminded the viewer that there is no cure yet! Henny showed a real want to see the wedding abroad! Very possitive in thought!

So what did he do! He called in a Bio Energy Tecnician(Sacka)! A "what" I here you say!
Apperntly the BAT was chanelling the enrgies of Henny and this process was also combined with hypnosis! The result were seen to be allmost instant! She waved her hands over Henny and was touching in various points on her body! Henny Had a white face before these session and was red after! Henny could walk with slow stumble further after the treatment. The treatment lasted for about 2 weeks of intensive Hand waving! Henny was very pleased with what she accomplished. I wish her and her family the best of luck! I felt rather down after the show as I was hoping for more!

I think I will feel like this every time I see a possible help/cure and find a black hole! I think seeing another ms'er dealing with her demon eye opening! I know I wont walk up tomorrow and 'they' announce a cure! I think now I know what the 'Look' everyone gives me means! They feel sorry for me!

I am going to break that look and get a cure....or die trying! I think I have relise a couple of things! I/we are going to die and so does everyone! Its what you do while your here that counts! I dont want to build up my expectations! I want to have a life worth living! Need a pick me up,a cuddle and a sleep in bed smelling nothing but Jennys perfume!(she sprayed my pillow which is helping me sleep!)

Maybe looking in to alternative therapy will aid my life but not cure me! But any benifit is a good thing! I know cod liver oil and ginko bilboa has helped me! May need to look into the Bio Energy thing! What is everyone else doing? Tell me! Hope this diet and exercise book gets here soon!

Realising life worth and the want to see Jen more! (Get a theme tune Dave!)

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