Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Happy Valentines day!
Jen came round last night and stayed over...we have spent all today....with each other having a great time! Exchange of card was made without the idea that its an advertising gimkic!hehe!

A fantastic day and night...got very drunk and celebrated the fact we love each other! So Ner! I am so tired now tho!hehe! I so love you Jen! What a star! Got up at 3 in the morning to make food! What a woman! Talking of food..I have done the peanut squash like this:

Cut squash lengh ways into 4 and roasted it in a garlic marinade(garlic,olive oil,light soy sauce, black pepper)..once cooked I let it cool! Then I got 4 sweet potatoes cooked and mashed them...took the flesh from the squash and mashed into the potatoes. Added some mature cheddar and grilled!...Not exactly the best I have done but I think it worked! Needed some meat and gravy in it but I was happy!(I think Jen was being polite!lol) It looked lovley tho!

I got some mail today when we got out of bed(nearing on 4 oclock!) with 2 cd's I ordered! 1st one was Jose Gonzales(which I showed you yesterday!) and the second was from this band:

Sorry its not the full one but hope you like!
The Advert for the music From Jose Gonzales
Oh the poem in my card to Jen:
Roses are red,voiletts are blue,I am sending you this card, Coz I wanna bonk you!
Oh well you only once eh!
Anyway I am knacked and want to go back to bed!
Hope you all had a loving V Day!
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