Monday, February 06, 2006
My Love for the dolls.....Dresden Dolls
With this unusual up beat Dave I have been glad to read over my friends comments and found 1 or 2 really great confidence boosters! These give me great hope and a lust for life that is immeasurably reasponsible for the smile on my face.....well being in love is first ofcourse but knowing people are reading my madness and coming back to make sure I am ok is fantastic!

Ok your waiting for the explanation for the title well....a young lady has left a comment earlier on here! it is on the vid of Dresden Dolls...I have looked into her blog and found a link for the Dresden Dolls blog!!!! Thats right ITS THERE BLOG! OMG!!! Its done by Amanda! I am here giving semi-worship to a band I love......and they have a blog! It is very strange to see them here but I think I am going to read every page! The young lady who left the comment is very interesting too dont get me wrong...the photography is really amazing and I would love to read some of her work too! Please do drop by her blog and have a look!

Right closer to home...well one of my regular reads anyway! Amanda has written that she is going through hell at the moment with vertigo or an ear infection if you have gone through it and know some advise to give her....pop in I think she will love the be honest I would like to read up on it too(well jumping out of a plane is seeming more ironic every time I think of her!) I think I want to do the jump in her honor! Love you too babe get well soon!

Jen is coming back tonight!YEY! My number 1 Princess! Love ya baby!xxxx

Hope you are all well!
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