Friday, February 10, 2006
A moment of clarity.....maybe!
Its been great to see everyone's opinion on stem cell therapy and the smoking thing too! It appears that all I have to do is voice an opinion to get people interested! And to be honest thats one thing we can do very well....ok we may have difficulty doing anything else some days but....WE CAN SHOUT WHAT WE WANT TO DO!
Some days we dont do it in the right way(just have a look at the problems it causes with me and Jen!sorry babe!x) but if I can work out the best way I will let you know!

After a long period of time of reading different things I think I have made my mind up on what I want to do! I want to save money to put it all into my relationship with Jen! We could have the best life being happy with each other! A house of are own is just one of the things I want but having money for us......would be the best! From what I have looked into I think stem cell research needs to be OK'ED by my goverenment first! I dont want to put my body through another disease for a temp fix! I want a cure! I think we want a cure dont we? But....I dont think stumbling into something this drastic out of fear is going to help!

There is going to be a cure some day but we have to hold on and keep searching! Sorry to say it but we need to have 'faith' in our abilities as humans to succeed! If they dont find one in 5 years I will go into medicine myself and make one(you relise that would be another 5 years Dave!)!(learn to drive first Dave eh!) These are troubling times is I am thinking about getting into medicine! Smoking thing will be done aswell!Damb it!hehe!

Right diary bits: Bobbeh is round tonite for a bevie! Lee tomorrow! I dont think I am seeing Jen till monday night(I miss you so much baby!) I am feeling well and I think I have this pain management....sort of working! My legs need working on but I am putting wieght on again and my upper body is getting stronger every time I see my girlfriend! I am not ripped by any means but I have more deffinition,which I am happy about! Over the last few weeks I have missed two copaxone injections I contacted my nurse and she says one day is ok as longs as you continue the day after! I have to have better managment with it! A tattoo on the back of my hand to remind me maybe!hehe!


Hope you are all ok!
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  • At 8:53 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    hmmm..a tattoo?? That sounds good to me I do have a few already and would not mind getting anymore...Mine will be BIG and say: AMANDA Take ur Avonex!!!

    So I will do it if u do it!!! he he

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