Wednesday, February 08, 2006
So strange....
Its been a while since I have done the "start a new relationship" thing. I know I have upset her and want to hold her all the time and tell her its going to be ok.....but something is telling me that I need to be held and for someone to tell me its going to be ok....would it be any easier if I didnt have this thing,this disease? WELL YOU HAVE 'IT' DAVE SO PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND GET ON WITH TELLING HER HOW MUCH YOU LOVE HER!!!!!

It is hard but I think its the same as any other relationship, disabled or not! Maybe I am still feeling the burn from my last relationship....that was hardly a comparison dave! I love Jen with all my hart which I never did with sinead! Yeah we had good times and I know I want even more with my new girlfriend....but with every cross word or 'look' that I give I am going to get every EX-girlfriend saying "I told you so!" thats just life tho isnt it? I think the only way to correct any mistakes that I make I will have to try harder to make her happy.

Just spoke to Jen on the phone in her lunch my bollocking and rightfully so....the whole prospect of telepathy sounds so appealling at times! Listen to the woman and tell her how you feel....she isnt going to know otherwise....makes sence really! I love you baby!xxxxxxxxx

Right, why am I telling the world about every aspect of our relationship....well I am trying to show that I am still human, still have the capicity to love and be loved no matter what this disease does to me or us! I am not doing this for ratings or tally counts its for me and the people out there that think life is over with diagnosis its not, we are here and here to stay unless we are cured!(hmmmm bacon!lol)

I have a valetine present for her but I need something else....any idea's anyone? Give me a clue girls please!hehe!
how dumb am I?


ps:take a look at this hmmmmm promising development??????
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  • At 10:19 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    Dave you are such a sweetie!!! I just read a post from a few days back..talking about how you think and care about me and feel for me with this ansty yucky that I am feeling.

    This I knew but reading it made me actually feel better. Thanks so much god knows I needed some positive reinforcement.

    As far as relationships and disease or no disease..I think that probably it is about the same. I was dx'd in March 5 yrs ago & 5 years ago in May we will be married for 6 years. I think honestly our relationship has grown stronger together since my diagnoses. Hope that makes some sense to you!!!

    Have a good day!!!

  • At 10:23 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    K ha ha ha

    Just read my comment and WOW that sure as heck made no sense.

    What I meant was that in May it will be 6 years since we got married!!!

    Hope that I did it right this time..ha ha ha

  • At 9:52 am, Blogger x Bobbeh x said…

    Hey Mr Daves,

    My advice with relationships and diseases is this.

    DONT GET AIDS! Its bad!

    I hope you can cope with being retarded.

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