Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Maybe I am growing up....wait for it!
I don't really know... but I get the feeling I want to be the best I can be for Jen and that will mean I have to make some changes for both of our lives...For the last 9 months I have had to think about me only just to get on with my life. I have done some stupid things which was ok to get me onto a good mental plane! I have to consider the future 'with' Jen and that's new to me! Its a fantastic feeling and I want to get more for us!

Why am I feeling this? Well I am thinking of changing my job to get better money, something that will last for the future....Last night I was thinking "what am I good at!" not what qualifications I have. The education I have is sporadic at best! But there is one thing I am good at....coaching people so they get the best for them! I have used this all my life to get the best for me if I am honest! I am using it on me now to get the best out of life! Well lets face it....no one is going to give it to me on the silver plater! Ok its going to be hard but I have the same rights to life dont I! So lets make a start....

WHAT IS YOUR MISSION: Get another job and more money!
WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DO THIS: Now, but I have things to do first like re-training, re-education. I have to think about money and the possibility that I wont be able to travel to get into work...so I will have to consider that with any new job. SO...

WHAT IS YOUR MISSION?: Think about what I can do what I want to do and the possibilily of working from home and travel...oh and money!
WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DO THIS?:....this is going to take a while isnt it?

Ok this is going to be a big thing for me to consider and I think I have to do it well! I am going to do it on paper and get what ever I come up with in motion...Just got to remeber the horrible capital lets and them shouting the WHAT,WHY,WHEN,WILL,HOW...scarey capital letters of sort your life out DAVE! I can do this I know I can.....SO CAN YOU! Being disabled doesnt mean life is over! It just means you have a different shade of shit to deal with! I believe in lead by example so....Watch this space! Bring it on!!! Not that I want to lead you! YOU LEAD YOU! Take control Dave and start looking for education and the next step! Need a wheelchair...go and get one! Need a life....go and get one! This is going to be interesting!
1st thing....driving!
Yet again Disabled Learner Driver! Got to get that Theroy test done first(yet again!passed first time but if you dont do the test within 2 years you have to do it again!) but my disability living allwowance pays for the car I will learn to drive in....it finds what you need to be able to drive. All I need then is the instructor from BSM to teach me to drive.....again!
If you need proof that the DLA(Disability Living Allowance) pays for a car Just look here!

I have got my theory test book on route I am going to do it!

Hope you are all well!
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  • At 10:17 pm, Blogger Statto said…

    Enjoyed the DSA driving theory test? Why not try the mock mock driving theory test?

    It's so satirical the DSA tried to ban it...check it out!

  • At 5:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 10:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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