Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Got some exciting post today!
For the first time in....Months! I receive CD'S in the post!!!!!

Tool: Aenima
Tool: Lateralus

Ever since I heard 10,000 Days I have been highly impressed. I can wait to rip the CD's and put them in my music collection! From what I have heard so far(all thanks to www.youtube.com) I know its going to be two CD's that make my collection even more loved by me! Its mine! Get away! ITS MINE I TELL YOU, ALL MINE!!! MEWHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Errr sorry about that! You know what I am like. Its music. That's my thing! I cant play anything apart from my didgery doo but I can listen to music......Really well!

Look I am happy to be receiving something through the post!

Its raining outside today so I may just go for a walk to the shops! I will report if anything comes up!

*****Update: I never laughed so much in my life. The trip to the shops was like a slap stick comedy. Picture the scene. Rain poring down. Puddles forming in the street. Disabled man with stick is returning home with a racksack full of pizza and lazagne(frozen!) attemps to cross road. I find the largest puddle on the infamous street where I have fallen before. I loose balance in the middle of the road and put my stick down in the puddle and reach out my left leg to cross the road and loose traction with the stick. Stick goes right legs go left and I end up with my ass in the puddle! I have to roll to the side walk as the weight of the rucksack isn't letting me get up. I put my right knee in the water and have to stand and retrieve my stick. All the cars passing start to slow down to watch! I am wet,cold and laughing my ass off! Back to the house for a bath and a hot cup of coffee. I am fine honest! I might have bruised a knuckle on my right hand but I am ok. Whoever your god is....He or she is laughing with me I am sure! I walked the last ten feet to my door and I had a pocket full of water as my water proof jacket decided I needed it!

Hope your all well
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  • At 5:17 am, Blogger Jaime said…

    Sorry to hear about your fall...that sucks, but I am glad you were able to find something positive about it (laughter is always great!) I am glad to hear you got your CD's in the post. Enjoy!

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