Sunday, August 20, 2006
This is going to be a long one...
Right! Well yesterday was an eye opener! I am never doing an update when Jen leaves again!! My idea was to show how I feel from day to day....Its a diary after all and I want to be honest here. Some days I feel down, some days I feel elated and want you readers to know. I do feel fine today. Honestly!!!!

****Fleetwood Mac:The chain*****

Look, let me put it this way. When someone you love leaves and you have to do the rest of the day without that person with you. you get a bit upset. Jen is back here tomorrow and I will be happy that she is. Yes ms can bring around massive depresion but.......I am not! I am still here and loving every minute. I get low points in every day like everyone else. And I am sorry to say it but....So does everyone else. Its human to have these feelings. Its shit but we all have deal with our feelings as we get them. Thats where the fight starts for each ms'er out there. We just have a different shade to deal with than everyone else. We start every day with the same fight that no one else will be able to understand UNLESS WE TELL THEM! Please deont be scared to tell someone how your feeling as well as the pains you have everyday.

I don't bottle my feelings. Why should I? I AM HUMAN...DEAL WITH IT! I do!

I have to say a big thankyou to Jaime for being a friend and giving me a hug from abroad. I love you babe and your words are always a pleasure to hear and read. The first message I got when I turned on my computer where a bit of a shock but I thankyou all the same. Your a kind and wonderful woman and I am happy to be your friend. If I was closer to you I would ring you too!(I would probly do more than that but this is not where we will talk about that!lol)

This one is for my Dad. Captain beefheart and Frank Zappa:

Hope you enjoy it when you get back from your holiday.
Enjoy the tune its one of the oldies but great!
Hope you are all well(and happy!)
P.sI just had a thought...Have you gone to and looked at some of the video diaries? Would you like to use your webcam and do a video podcast? I am tempted but I would need a confidence boost I think. Would you watch and what would you like to see? Let me know. Any tips Kim?(when your not as ill!)
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