Sunday, August 27, 2006
Today I feel free.....
I woke up this morning fresh and wake. I got up and answered some emails, I went to the shops and picked up a pizza and some essentials and came home and put some music! I got my quarter of sunshine and feel happy! There must be some bad news coming but I am not dead yet! Can it be this easy to be happy to be alive? I know it isn't the norm for the doomed to be this happy but something tells me its going to be ok! I don't need to be affiliated with a group to be happy and that is making my feel....Happy! There must be something coming! Don't get me wrong....I am still having trouble with my walking. I am still tired from the usual ms anchor but I think I have life still.

I got speaking to people as I was walking to the shops, I still have to rest at every lamppost, I met a guy who told me about his problems(heart attack/diabetes and woman trouble!) and I told him about ms. He said "I am sorry!" and I said "Its ok...Its not your fault". And we went are own ways.

Now I know there is something wrong! I never use that comeback. What can it be??? I know, I havent done my injection and there is something wrong with my pc! No and no! Oh I didnt do the injection yesturday!

But that can't be it can it?? I have missed injections before and I havent felt like this. Maybe its a calm before the storm! I have some things to do next week. Collecting money for the jump etc. But thats just a phone call. I have to ring some people about my benifits. I even have two cd's en route(2 Tool cd's and 24 season 5). I still can't think what maybe be coming! Another relaps must be coming....That real doesnt bother me. I know they come and I feel terrible when they do......but I dont think its that.

Lets just wait and see! The world is a wonderfull thing and I am sure it will turn up some horror for me! I will have to put up the Jump vid so I can collect the money from work so I really hope you dont mind! In the mean time have some Tool with a track from one of the albums thats on the way here!yey! I am rather impressed by the vid too!

I am impressed!

Hope you are all well
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