Thursday, February 22, 2007
Just a day!
Went to the shop...Forgot milk, bought a lot of fresh fruit and a bottle of rum! Made promise to myself never to apologise for being in a wheelchair ever again. Came home. Fell over when trying to get the wheelchair(she looses her name when I am angry at her!) up steps to my flat....Yes I am on the ground floor and there is only three steps!!!!

Errr yeah bad mood. This emotional roller coaster has been caused by the doctor visit yesterday. He is a GP! He works for the same bank I still work for. I haven't handed my notice in. The idea that I have to be retired off on long term illness still creeps at my door. I know I can't do it myself and I am waiting for them to do it. If I do it....I have to leave Manchester and Jen. If they do it they have to pay me off. At least that way I get to stay a bit longer. So many sad loses in the last few months. A very close friends dad died recently. My dad lost his hero last month(fantastic tirbute dad!) Michel Brecker. At the end of last year we lost one of the greatest comedy stars to ms. Its all seemed to happen over the last few months...It gets to me a little!
Maybe I just need some music....
A Particularly Vicious Rumor

New Orleans band A PARTICULARLY VICIOUS RUMOR playing live at the Cattle Club in Sioux City IA
Hmm that's better!
Jen is around tonight so we can have a chat...A get a hug or two!

Hope your all well
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