Friday, March 02, 2007
Get my funk on.
***********Bring Back the Funk, Pts. 1 By Paul Weller***********

The sax near the end gets my funk on!(yeah I dance like my dad!hehe!) I am sorry it been a while since I have been back....Ok I broke my DVD player.(Sharon is a cheap bitch and I hate her!). I have my new DVD player coming this afternoon! I amazed myself how angry I got at a piece of machinery. Maybe naming my equipment does't work. It works with Hilly my beautiful PC(something to do with her ups and downs somedays.) and Clair the wheelchair but nothing else. I mean it! I can't help it. If I spend alot of time with something it becomes personal...You know?

Speaking of spending time with people...JEN IS COMING FOR A WEEK!!!! And the bit she is worried about is meeting my family next weekend...OK there she has something to be worried about there but! I am meeting her family and friends later in the month and I can understand. I am 31 and should be able to meet people by now. Is that just a "meet the parents" thing? Does it get any easier the older you get? I would say no.

Anyway(Brushes the situation under the carpet in the hope it won't be dealt with till later type way!) I am sorry I haven't been around for a while but you know how life goes! I have missed you guys and I hope your all well. I figure its good to show that life still happens even when you have ms. Next week is going to be quiet here with Jen coming for the week. Please go from the great words "No news is good news" and don't worry to much.

Take care
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