Monday, April 02, 2007
The parent report.
The Fray - How to Save a Life

Jens parents are fantastic. I fell in love with them straight away. There is a saying that the girl friend always turns into her mum in later life, if that's the case I think I have fallen on my feet. Her parents are kind and just lovely. I had a feeling that they like me too. They made me feel so welcome it was like going to see my own family. I bought a big bunch of flowers for her mum and thanked them both for letting me stay. The dad even shook my hand when we left. The dogs even liked me and that's important I think!lol.

Combined with her great friends I could quiet easily say that is has been the greatest weekend this year apart from the visit by my neighbors. I really do hope they are OK. Almost a break up there. Never combine muscle gainer with vodka and cider. He has been round and apologised today and I guess he is a bit embarrassed about it now.

I am going to my families house over the easter weekend and maybe be away for sometime. This will be the first journey on my own and I want it without any problems(fingers crossed eh!). If I can do it...It will open some new avenues for me and I think I will get more confidence in my abilities. I had a big feeling this weekend. I want to buy my own house and go back to work. Evidently I cannot go back to my last job but I can't buy a house without a steady income. I will be dept free by October and I can start saving by the end of this month. Jens parents have an amazing house and I would love one like it. Its going to be hard but I have a feeling I can do it.

Hope you enjoy the tune and...
Hope you're all well
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  • At 6:10 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    You can do anything you put your mind to (and heart)! People are capble of amazing things and you are a strong person, you will get there. :) I am so happy for you that things went well and I just know you will do great this weekend. Have fun with your family and have a wonderful Easter!


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