Friday, June 29, 2007
Well here goes...
Police found a car bomb in London in the early hours of this morning according to local news. The bomb has not been detonated and the UK version of CTU(the Criminal Terrorist Unit) the CTP(Criminal Terrorist Police) have been investigating. This department has been on high alert since September the 11th and the attack on the US. The bomb had been found in an abandoned car near Piccadilly Gardens area in London and police have blocked the area off to the public. The type of bomb has not been disclosed and no ownership from any terrorists. Failed bombing?


My diary bit:

Jen left a little present to help me sleep. She left her perfume on my pillow and it gave me great dreams. I love you babe!xxxx Can't wait till your return in a week...That's far too long in my eyes!

Not much to report today. Still in recovery. Pain in my arms over the last two weeks is getting worse. I think I need a new bed and mattress. Typing is better than mouse use but still wobbley. Legs usual pain and can't walk without aid. So Joy all round there eh! Happy happy joy joy! I have noticed the Tag from MDMHVONPA but not had time to find out tagged with! I will get to it soon.

Stay well,
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