Tuesday, June 19, 2007
A day with nothing planned!
Today started early in my house. 06:30! My god I haven't seen that early for quite some time. Its quiet apart from the birds even inner city. It reminds me of St Annes and the loving warmth of my family. It must be so hard for Jen to even think of coming with me. I just hope I can keep her happy when she is missing hers. I know I want to try my hardest. I know I have to do a lot to make the transition run smoothly. The money situation is going to be hard. Hers as well as mine. Moving to St Annes means it will be a different borough council. I have to re-apply for all of my current benefits! Last time was bad enough. Need to change my GP to a local one(do you do that before or after you move?). Then there is the bills and the move itself!(Just had a thought that I want to stay where I am!) Its going to be difficult especially for a guy that gets his relapses under stressful situations.

I have nothing to do to day so I want to start getting things done to make the issue as stress'less' as possible for both of us. So much for nothing planed eh! It should be easy to happy shouldn't it? I will keep myself stress free... That will keep Jen stress free.

1 challenge at a time I think. It will all work out in the end. It always does. My Nana said it best:
"Worry about the things you can change now not the things you can't!"
Bless her and her zen like quotes.hehe!

Baby steps eh! OK no problem.

I had a bit of a spastic hands thing going on last night. That was entertaining. Typing with mallet like precision will not do my keyboard any good. Seem to have smaller spasms today. Looks like I am trying to color in a children's book when I use my mouse. The erratic wobble grates my nerves after a while and I have to stop. The shaky hands over the keyboard has the same effect. I hope this is a temporary thing. Oh and I broke my guitar. Not in the rock and roll fashion either. I couldn't slam the guitar into the amplifier, its to expensive! I think the port has disconnected itself internally in the guitar I might have to get a soldering iron inside it. More of a expense! Joy of getting to know your guitar part one. The lesson has been learnt!

Stay well
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