Saturday, September 15, 2007
Busy day compleated by 09:15 AM
Paranoid Android - Radiohead

I love Jen. I love living with her too. My day starts a bit earlier but I love living with her. My day starts 8 hours earlier than usual but I still love her and living with her. I have a new respect for the morning. I don't like it but I respect it. I do miss working and I think that's where the respect Lie's. I went out this morning and shopped as the stores opened and I had a great time. No cues. Open floors without people getting in my way, it was fantastic. Fun even. Of course I shop like a man and it went fast.

A 'man shop' is.....We think about what we want and where to get it. We have already planned the route in our heads before we go. We spend no time window shopping we just know where to go and what to get. We enter the shops in order and go directly to the individual items without looking at things we don't need. We make our purchase and leave. That's a man shop...Well OK that's how I do it. That being the case I finished my shopping within 15 minutes. I am not flying the flag for men in a dispute or anythying. The whole men verses woman dispute is pointless in my eyes....Women always win that. I am just saying I finished my days hunting early and came home. I just wish everything I plan was that easy....That is just not how life works though eh!

Happy Saturday. Stay well,
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  • At 6:09 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    As I remind my Mrs, Men don't shop, we buy. Shopping would involve indecision and lack of planning. Then she whaps me on the arm and I shut my mouth.

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