Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Jen's better and back at work!
Me....still sick as a dog. It appears if you don't have ms, its a 24 hour thing. If you do....Then your knackered. Its OK I am not that bad really. I am here and smiling. Spending time with Jen is always a good thing for my mental state. I know a day on my own listening to some good rock will shake it.....
Hundred Reasons - I'll Find You Video

I am feeling better already.(Who am I kidding?)

My mother and father are back in the country and back in St Annes. This has fueled the want to get back there as soon as possible. To hear my mam's voice has woken me up a bit. I am glad they had a relaxing time. They needed it and I am sure my dad will update his blog soon.

Need more rock
Hundred Reasons - Falter


I want to have a word about sequels to great movies and how bad they can be. I will save that for tomorrow. But I will give you a 'heads up' now as it WILL be painful. How can great movies be followed up with a crap sequel? Saw for 1 Butterfly effect for 2 and a the hight of upset for me is my latest purchase of 28 weeks later the sequel to the greatest zombie movie in my collection of zombie movies.

Stay well,
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