Sunday, August 03, 2008
The reason why i called tysabri a drug
yesterday is as follows. Apart from the hang over that I had, head ache, nausea and the bruise on my arm that makes me look like a heroine user. You get news reports like this: Which don't help.

Is it sensationalist news or are they just trying to scare the b'jesus out of people who are on it? Definitely part of a hangover I didn't want. Its a medication, a "med". Was I right to say the word "drug" in a derogatory fashion?

I want a cure not a therapy. Not something that makes me look like a smack head! I would get out of it but the promise of a longer life without relapse...... They don't do they. Longer life yes. Without relapse no. I am getting married in October. I would like to have a life with Jen. I guess that's why I go to hospital every month from now on. I love Jen and I want to be happy with her for the rest of my life. Sensationalist news... A Pox on everyone. Tysabri a pox on me???

Here is to the on-coming brain disease eh! The danger is if you don't read the whole page. This bit is the issue "The latest slide means shares in Dublin-based Elan have lost 70 percent over the last week. The stock slumped 30 percent on Wednesday after disappointing data on an experimental Alzheimer's drug Elan "

Alzheimer's drug.... They started the story on an ms drug and the risk of PML..... Oh that was the last sensationalist news for Elan... Right, I see.(said the blind man!) It doesn't matter that tyasbri may help people, it matters on the stock slumped 30 percent because of another drug they are trialing... Ahhh today's lesson learnt. Tomorrows lesson will be brought to you with the letter "P" and the number "4".

Florence and the Machine - Kiss with a Fist

Sensationalist news...Its not whats written, its how you decipher it!!

Stay well, I am feeling much better thanks,
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Friday, August 01, 2008
The day after hospital visit...
Urggg. For the first time, the nurse had difficulty finding a vein to stab me in on my right arm. I have two bruises there now. Left arm was fine and they gave me a pint of clear toxic doom. I feel ruff today. I always feel ruff after. Not as ruff as the smurf blood but ruff all the same. I don't feel like it's a placebo any more. If it makes me feel ruff then it must be doing something eh?

Good news for this week. Everything is done for the wedding. I have a suit with waste coat, top hat and tails. Very Victorian look which is very rock for a wedding. Almost gothic look. Dark and beautifull yey!

Happy Dave and happy Jen!

I now have a stair lift. Yey! It makes me feel old. Boo! Oh well. Time for me to fall down my after drugs hole for a couple of hours. Looking forward to the upside soon.

Stay well,
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