Friday, February 25, 2005
My 1st saturday at work....customer service sucks!
going to be working this saturday and I am not looking forward to it! News from this week:

1. Somone offer their chair to me on the bus..I declined holding my stick...bus turned one corner and I ended on my arse! pleeded for chair after enbarisment and said " I guess I am too proud!"(Iam a fool I know)
2.Work have asked me to make a claim on mobility and get a new chair for free, got the claim form through the post and the title is for disabled person. Swallow pride moment.
3. Growing hatered for customer service after dealing with members of the general public again! Complaints recieved include getting refund for 2P (1 cent) even tho the telephone number will have cost over a pound just to get through to me! The Whole quality of life question comes into the ball park!!!
4. Applied for 2 other possitions in same company 1 intranet team 2 Development of new starters coming into the businessthrough setting new web pages!(fingers crossed!
5. Contemplation of life and everything and how to get out of this crap.

Oh well just a relapse!

Take care
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