Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Some diary this is....
sorry again I seem to be missing some days yet again....It does mean I have some things to do tho so dont worry about me.
I have been doing my job!
Next week I am full timke again.....oh jolly! 9 till 5 I hear Dolly singing!

Thats next week anyway! I have an opointment with a real physio tomorrow! Last ones were a benifit to explane what I can claim of the government...etc,etc.

This next one is a real person with some walking sticks and hopefully exercise stuff!....Ok I dont know what she does but she did say she will be measuring me(ohh,er!) for a stick!

Cant say this is good news or bad but I do need support with walking! I am sure Sinead will get pissed off with me the worse I get.......Me bad... No!

I have the day off work for tomorrow so I will update If I get any good tips.

Right the important stuff....My girl friend and I have joined a local commitee We are sitting on the board! (think its called somthing else but sounds good) We are helping local community raise money for local hospital for children with cancer. this is all commendable but I have never raised money with out help. We went to a meeting on valentines day night and are sending use more information to help local kids with a street parade.......I can hear my parents gasp in shock just by typing this! I think the expression is "Thats not My bag baby"

Maybe Its just a fase or somting I dont know but it was funny having a drink in a social club!
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