Saturday, February 19, 2005
Saturday morning blues
wok up this morning on my own after a beer or two last night. It seems I snore if I go to bed before my partner I go to sleep fast when she isnt there,she snores to but I can sleep through it if she goes first, I think the 1 or 2 beers had done its job. Woke up found g/f asleep on the couch. Madew breckfast and went to the shop with my stick! It does help for the fist 5 mins or so but if it is cold, as it is this morning, It seems I loose a grip on the stick!

If its not one thing its another!

Lost feeling so bad my fingers took 30 mins to turn back to normal color! Yes colour had white fingers and when they get warmer they turn RED RED RED! Its now an hour after I returned from the journey and my feet are still cold. I wouldn't mind but the shop is about 200 meters away from the house! (might be a bit more but you wont find me crawling with a tape measure)
Suppose to be going out tonight.......let you know if I go as cant be fraged right now!

Bad day....why can this happen on a week day and not in the middle of my rest day! Will also try and do exercise today as well!

Take care
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  • At 3:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hello, i use ear plugs the kind that you squeeze and place in the ear and the go back to shape and blocking most of the garble. if you can try to buy them with a 29 or more decible rating.they work but sometimes they can get a little sore..

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