Thursday, February 17, 2005
Physio from hell....
She bought a stick to help me walk she ran me through a exercise half hour, which was very hard even though not very arobic, she came with a smile but she came with reminder of DOOM!

I thought I was covering up pretty know the story:

"Dave are you coming to the shop to buy some food"
"No thanks I give it a rest for now!" then stays in doing nothing but prondering death! Situation covered!

But she saw through them and just told me to "try"! I am sure she had a tatoo of 666 on her forhead!

I joke about tatoo, it was just hard work

The exersises were small but very hard to do, even if it was the ones lying on my back and tensing the tummy while pushing my ass to the ground. I am sure its just some form of yoga!

I Idea is to strenghen the trunk of the body and improve my ability to stand tall and proud! I am very proud of other people but I have never thought I need to be proud of me! I am being sent the exercises in the post but I dont think I will forget them too quickley, still feeling the burn!

Dont let me put off the newbies out there, It is good for you! If it helps me feel better I will let you know.

The good thing is I have a stick.............hmm I will tell you how I feel about it at another time at the moment just trying to learn to drive it without hurting anyone! If it gives me some independance I will be happy!

Hope you feeling well!
posted by personallog! @ 12:57 pm  
  • At 2:55 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    just found this link on msrc:
    sorry its dead long but it covers the yoga thing and benifits....I let you decide but I am thing of the meditaion thing first!

  • At 3:15 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    my brother found this:: stick fighting!!so a stick sounds good all of a sudden

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