Monday, March 21, 2005
back to work tuesday!
Its strange how having time off from work feels like i shouldnt be doing it!

Wait a second I should explaine.... at the moment the sickness is leaving me, I still have ms ofcourse its just taking a day off from ridding my ass! I know I have to return to work. But why do I feel like a school boy skiving when the fatgue runs out! I know its a good idea to make sure I am fine before returning to work.....Its just wierd!

Spent the weekend with family and sinead.......thats not right... spent the weekend with family(sorry sweetpea) Had a great time and even left the stick to one side when I went out! It looked really sad when I returned. But it was nice to leave it for half an hour! Dont know when that will happen again but i am keeping my fingers crossed it will happen soon and for longer!

I am going back to work tuesday...I found out today that they are still paying me full time wages as they want me there.....! Still doing reduced hours too, I have told them.........honest! They say its ok they just want me to be confortable!(I think govenment legistration has some thing to do with this!) I think its also as I have told them that I want to return full time.

I NOT AN AMIMAL! Just let me work full time and I will put all my energy into making the buisness better!

Filling in forms for the oxygen tent thing today, thats if i dont fall asleep soon! Cant wait too see what happens. I will tell you all on the blog!

Hope you are all well! Love and hugs to all!
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