Friday, March 04, 2005
Hmm whats next....?
Thankyou all for your great comments yesturday! I had forgoten how many people read this. (I should learn how to read the metre) It has been a great pic-me-up to read the suggestions! I now have a purpose! I know it sounds pretty sad but I love it!

I think I do want to give up work and do somthing else but not too sure what, I am just going to take my time! If I do anything to stay away from the house I will be happy not to sit in the chair thats modling itself to my ass.

I know I cant give up meat...i had a steak this week which kicked ass....I want more!
I spoke to localhost(brother) and my little bro who sent me porn to cheer me up!

I tole my doctor about this blog and next time he see's me he wants the web page!!! I will have to stop bitching about him...(joke doc!)

A big thankyou for all your suggestion yesturday( by the way my parents havent got back to me yet,mybe they are not reading! Sinead neither!) Hope you dont go down that dark path ever1
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