Sunday, April 24, 2005
The big decider....!
This going to be a hard update for me to write. Sinead and me have split up as boy friend and girl friend! ....not that hard to type but the implications are going to be difficult.
(sorry for below mum!)
Do I go it on my own and try to rent a flat by myself and continue to work, earning my own money and pay of my debts!.....

Or do I pack up and run to my mum. Give up on Manchester my job, my independence any change of another woman. The dating market is closed to the disabled...for me anyway. Not that I will be looking for it now anyway. I need time to gather my thoughts for the next step in my life. Lets weigh up the difference:

For and against:

Paying of debt myself,
opportunity for something different,
Life in the big smoke,
Could focus on getting things for me in my own right with money I earn.
Not being a financial burden to family,
Being close to Ms specialists,
Being close to the woman I love and have the reminder every time I see,hear, smell and see everyday things.....
get to smoke in my own house!
Not implication to family if I decide to start smoking illegal substances for research,

For and against St annes:

being close to all my relatives, friends,
getting support If anything happened i.e falling over, sickness, being dumb,
Get to watch all the startrek I want,
No worries or stressed about making myself food ect...
be a fanicail drain on my family again....Something which I have done for a while,
Be mollycoddled by family,
have to stop smoking and drinking as much, socializing with friends in Manchester

This being the case....I am going to take some time off blogging for a bit....not for ever! I just need to start thinking about a place to live as soon as I get some bond money raised. Sinead and me split on good terms so dont go bad mouth her to anyone or you will have to answer to me! I am still living in Sineads house till I raise some money. Will still have acce to internet but its a sad time for me. See you all in a couple of weeks and take care of each other!


posted by personallog! @ 1:36 pm  
  • At 4:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dave, please take care:) i will keep sending you some funny e-mails. i wish the best for you! as for sinead i wish her well too. keep in touch

  • At 12:30 pm, Blogger pocketpunk said…

    We're all here Dave ...for what ever you decide. love Nicx

  • At 4:06 am, Blogger Erik said…

    Best of luck!

  • At 2:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dave, thinking of you, keep your chin up, and if you ever want a break your always welcome down here. love you loads, cath.

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