Monday, May 16, 2005
song of the day
Future Proof by Massive Attack

ooooh what a tune! I wonder what I have been smoking! No pain, Dont mind crap telly, Love Music havent got a care in the world! I wonder what the long time effects are.....they can be any worse than what the big man upstairs for me! I dont even miss Sinead......I guess you lie better then!

No premoting just smoking!

Down sides to smoking will never win an argument again...but will you!
I have a fuzzy head...please look two days back! I would rather cause it to myself than have it happen to me!
and last but not least the room is full of smoke and...smelling nice! IT IS ILLEGAL! I must remind you that I am not a doctor!
No ms ache. its nice untill you have to move anywhere....getting chocolate going to find sweets....this is what the munchies are then! No more spacity untill I wake from the depths!
Take you own opinon to this update just thought someone had to say somthing!
Please leave your opinon I value your feedback!
P.s My boss suggested it too me, so did my ms nurse, so did my GP. Tried and tested!

posted by personallog! @ 6:09 pm  
  • At 2:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i am glad it helped... i was tempted to try canabis however, i am leary under the circumstance i do not know anyone that smokes...and the people that sell it how do you know if its safe. i am speaking of new jersey talk 2 u soon

  • At 9:30 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    cheers Camille, I raised this issue as I want to hear peoples comments on the subject and I agree with you the people that come with the whole "drugs" issue are scaring a lot of people away from a possible benifit! Dont get me wrong by this post! there have been alot of people hurt by this issue, but we wont find out unless somone like me raises the issue with people that matter. I know its wrong but this hole disease is wrong and I am scared shitless to what could happen to me but its always the doctor that experiments that gets the zombie girl at the end and is happy! I want people to shout out for people with ms...I want to find a cure if my doctors cant.I want to live life happy and not be a burden like I would have been to a wonderfull women like Sinead! What right do I have to place this disease on someone else......non! Cheer up and enjoy being safe! Take care and hope you get better soon!

  • At 6:17 am, Blogger Angel Singer said…

    Medical marijuana is legal in my area (Oregon, USA). I have considered it for my MS many times. Right now, I'm still breastfeeding my youngest, so it's out of the question. But she won't be nursing forever...and then, it's a possibility. As I said, I'm considering it. If it makes my life easier, better, less painful? Then I'll do it. I don't think there is a "right" or "wrong," not universally, at least, in this issue. I can only hope that more states will follow in Oregon's stead, because no one should be made to be or feel like a criminal simply because they want to live without pain.

  • At 3:58 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Cool reply Zen angel, I will be poping in to your blog soon for a better read. This is exactly what I am looking objective and leave a note dont just read, we as a collective need to show out impression somewhere why not here! keep well every one and I will be back on line in 2 weeks when they sort out BB!

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