Friday, August 26, 2005
Happpy but ill,do you know why?(gold coast reveiw!)
its raining outside!
My legs are hurting!
I have reported sick to work!
but.....I have cigarettes....great tunes (Nizlopi at the mo!Live!) and its coming to the weekend! Its friday people! I have my best mates coming tonight! Beer night tonight! Life is too short to be upset or depressed! Its raining outside but I am happy indoors/inside! I dont know why I am happy but I like it! The scarey thing is I think I am begining to love life again! Watch out girls here I come!lol

I am probley going to feel bad with a hangover tomorrow but thats tomorrow! If you can get up and go so! If you can sing...sing out! Live the life you want when you can! And be happy! Its pretty cool! Honest!

Possibility of emotional incontance maybe? Check out the podcast:
Or Kims podcast at the side>>>>>>

Just read through the Gold Coast Cure! watch the dvd again! And I need some convincing! Yes the diet and exercise make sence! Yes we should look after our diets! The yoga tecnique will strenghen your body and help with mobility issues(if you can do them in the first place!) But is it really a cure? If the dvd had Ivy doing the excersises and I could see how bad she was before the program then yes I would jump into it!(jump maybe the wrong word! This is my view alone and would support anyone trying it! I have just worked out how much it would cost me to do this and do I really need to buy all the new oils? I like my food and beer! I think I have to do more with my life! I think enjoying life is the biggest cure! Please do buy the book and look over it! Even try it! There is nothing more that I want than to get everyone a cure for this dambed disease! I think this book will help but without enjoying your life in the first place.....please make your own choice! It could do you some good! I have changed my diet beause of the good teachings here (thankyou)but I am sorry you cant make me give up beer! I dont need to loose weight(I am loosing wieght and muscle)! I need to get better not feel better about being dieased! I do that allready! Please make sure you read it tho! Its a good idea! If I had a partner to help me with this I would do it all! I live on my own and the excersise would knack me! I would loose weight from not being able to cook for myself!

Hope you all reveiw it your selves and that you are well!
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  • At 9:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    thanks for the welcome! I never introduced myself. I'm from Spain, but live in Tucson, AZ. Same age as you and diagnosed 2 yrs ago as I was staring a doctoral program. Last summer I was able to dance samba in Brazil, and this summer I am greatful I can swim (and yoga is great). Coming to terms with this disease has been a wild ride. I'm grateful for your message on enjoying life. I confess I have become a tad bit bitter, and am working on the positive thing.
    Music helps always... you might like CALEXICO - cool rock band from the desert, and not that unknown in Europe.

  • At 10:19 am, Blogger personallog! said…

    there aucustic stuff is fantstic and I supose if i spoke spainish I would like them! Its the right idea tho! Good tunes are allways needed!

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