Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Am I doing the right thing by being someone to talk too?
I have noticed a strange thing today. People find it easy to talk to me. I have had a visitor this morning. Maria from next door(You know the drunken Irish woman) and I have helped her research to position she has applied for and helped her get ready for the interview. Not being drunk is a good quality on her. I hope she gets it as it will 'free up' my day without interrupting my research anymore. I just listened to her and coached her through a couple of standard interview questions. The thing about coaching is...Its like going to therapy if done right. You don't ask many questions but the ones you do ask have to be open questions.


I found that all her madness has risen from a bad relationship in the past...Men eh!lol. I found out where the drinking habits came from(her mother!) and I think she sorted out her problems just by finding a person who was willing to liisten...

I would have thought no more about it but got got on public transport to reward myself and buy a beer.A compleate stranger told me about her son's troubles as he had a stroke in the womb before birth. I think she saw how hard I stugged to sit in the disabled section of the bus.(she was sat in the wheelchair port!) Yet again I listened and talked to her when she had finished and she gave me his life story and how she was dealing with it. I didn't even ask her what her name was and she left with a smile and a wave as the bus left...

I don't mind helping other people by doing nothing but listening. I don't get any thing from it either. There is no rush of a job well done. But its helping someone somehow. Is that my job now? To travel the world helping people like grasshopper in kung fu? I find it very easy if it is. Using what energy I have to listen...Yeah thats fine by me. Lets see what tomorrow brings eh.

Hope you are all well
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  • At 3:44 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    The internet is a good place to learn how to be anonymous and nonjudgemental. Unfortunately, its also rife with extreme views. Kinda like real life without all the physical blows.

  • At 4:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    You should be a therapist! You could make a home office and charge a bundle! Ok, and maybe help some people too. But really, that is something you could do if you are actually interested in it. Some courses from home and basically learn to be a good listener (which you already are). Or you could be like a motivational coach or something. Possibilities!

  • At 5:59 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    I aways listen to my friends here on my blog and I think both comments here show good points. I could learn more about coaching or Psychology and combine that with what I know...But motivational speaker? I know how to show empathy and listen to people. That is the only skill I have and I don't think I could charge money for it. I will be careful in what and where to learn(Which I think is what MDMHVONPA is saying) for further education. If I give people a listening ear and they give themselves the power to do it for themselves...I think thats great but I couldn't stand up and get a room of people to be motivated.............Or could I? Maybe I have to coach myself here eh!


  • At 10:54 pm, Blogger Charles-A. Rovira said…

    One guy I knew once said "Hey for $250 an hour, I'll be your friend..."

    And it might very well be an option for you. (Quite a change of career but I don't know how you'd feel about all that psychology. :-)

  • At 6:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I can't imagine you charging anyone to be their is not in your nature. Having said would make a great peer counselor, support group leader, and/or motovational speaker. All of which can be done through volunteering or in a way where you can make loads of money. It just depends on what you are looking to do.

    You could also make money using some of the many artistic areas that you are good, art in general, computers. The sky is the limit for you my friend! :)

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