Thursday, November 23, 2006
Happy thanks giving....isn't it?
Good wishes to all my American friends for thanks giving. I have just seen a news report that say it...I don't know if it is but good wishes all the same.

Just a diary input today. Been to the shops. Got some food. Bumped into my, normally drunk neighbor and she was not drunk and strangely sober. She was great and very pleasant. She told me about a possible job she maybe going for. She has been off work all year due to depression(WARNING, WARNING DAVE!!!!) and is looking forward to returning to work. It seems that meeting me had something to do with that. Maybe I did help! I don't want any thanks from her though, as she still scares me.

I have finished the book she let me borrow and can't wait to jump into a book of my choice. I have four in reserve.

Nearly died this morning when my flat screen monitor would not turn on for my computer. Its working now ofcourse but I think it doesnt have long left in it. More things to buy!I don't have to worry about it yet.

Hope you are all well
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