Monday, November 20, 2006
Busy day today.
Got up at 10:00 AM and watch my usual TV program.....I love chat shows where the people on the show have such a hard life and they need to have DNA tests and lie detector tests to prove there own existence means something to someone. It makes my life so much more worth something. The whole "My life is better than yours" is a great way to start the day on a high. I went to the shops and I can now get myself on to a bus without help. The strength in my arms is increasing daily and I was so proud of myself today. I got milk for my coffee...I think I might be drinking much since the weekend...Well how much is to much anyway? I got a visit from two more students wanting to know a bit more about ms and disablement and yet again they were very pleasant and polite. One day I intend to be able to say I am not disabled at all...One day eh! I hope they got what they needed... And here is the picture I got from them:

One day I will have to take the picture as they are leaving so I can see the difference in there faces, just in case I am boring them to tears. They did thank me for the chat and said it was better than learning from a dusty professor like they do at school. They did say that they want to learn more about ms now that they have talked to me so I see that as a benifit. We need all the people in the medical field to be looking this way if we want to make a big enough noise for them to cure us!

Well I have Jen coming tonight and I cant wait to get a hug from her. Its been a week since the last one....Too long in my eye's but I am not going to go down that route as it will only get me upset before she gets here......She is coming yey!

Hope you are all well
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