Friday, November 17, 2006
Finished and gob smacked yet again!
That was great.

I am tired now though. I got straight on the net and was shocked to see the advert for 24 season 6 from the fox website. Released in the states in January 2007 so that will mean release in the UK in about October. Oh My Gawd!!!!

I really need to rest up. Watching Jack Bower kick ass for 24 hours straight is killing me! How long can this guy go? A realism question always comes to me at the end....When does this guy pee? I haven't once seen this guy go to the toilet in any of the 5 seasons. I don't want to see him on the toilet or anything just to see him say "I will be back soon I have to use the John" or something. Everthing else is fine. Well researched and presented. You even feel the need to fight with him and fall in love with the same ladies as he does....How long can this go on for? I think season 7 as so many different shows finish after 7 from the US. 6 foot under,Startrek, Starwars.

Is 7 the unlucky number for shows over there or something? Do people loose interest after 7 over there? You did the right thing with CSI as thats been going for years and I realy hope 24 takes the same route by getting other divisions. Imagine CTU Washington or something! Bring in other big names to work along side him.

Sorry rant over with. 1 more year till release for number 6 and I know I will wait with baited breath! That show rocks! Well done guys!

Hope you are all well
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