Friday, January 05, 2007
Come on lets get rolling!
A positive stem cells report about adult stem cell therapy!
Mixed embryo research 'under threat'
8.06, Fri Jan 5 2007(ITV UK)
Research into human diseases involving the mixing of animal and human embryos has come under fire by the Government.Leading scientists fear their work will be jeopardised if the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), which regulates embryo research, rejects their applications.

A White Paper published last month proposed such research should be outlawed.

The researchers want to extract stem cells from embryos that can be studied for their potential to treat diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
By using embryos derived from animal eggs, they hope to avoid the ethical problems of tampering with human life.

The resulting embryos will be more than 99 per cent human, with a small animal component, scientists say.

The scientists were Professor Anne McLaren, from the University of Cambridge, Professor Ian Wilmut, from the University of Edinburgh, Professor Chris Shaw, a neurologist from King's College London, Professor Stephen Minger, director of the Stem Cell Biology Laboratory at Kings College London, and Dr Lyle Armstrong, from Newcastle University.

Prof Wilmut, whose team created Dolly the sheep, said that if scientists were banned from using the embryos then they would be at a "very clear" disadvantage.

Prof Minger said it was clear from the Government's White Paper that it had taken a "very negative view" of this kind of research.

The Department of Health received 535 responses to its consultation on overhauling the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act.

However, concerns have been expressed that organised groups, opposed to any kind of embryo research, made up the bulk of respondents.

Prof Minger(insert bevis and butthead "hu hu hu you said minger" here) said it was wrong for the HFEA to bow to Government pressure, adding: "They don't need the Government to tell them what to do."

Informally, the scientists were told the HFEA was "unlikely to grant our applications"," he said.

"My understanding is that they are not likely to grant the licences."

Prof McLaren insisted the research was not about creating chimeras or hybrids, but about inserting human material into an "empty" animal egg to create a human embryo and a human stem cell line.

A spokeswoman for the HFEA said policy on the issue would be discussed at next week's meeting.
She added: "We will be discussing whether this research is within the law and whether we should be allowing this and then we can make a policy decision."

The thing is...If this research is able to be done the possibilities with future research within the medical field will be open to help us. "How" I hear you scream from the back of the Internet ether. If they have right to investigate further into combination cell research then they can find out where the ms antigen comes from. Not just us will benefit from this. There is diseases such as Aids and Cancer will have further possibilities as this will help in creating a blue print for antigens responses and reactions. If one of you asks "What is an antigen".....I will point you towards my research blog on the right of the screen and scream(and pick up the peaces of my broken ego)!

Yes they are talking about research. Any part of looking into finding a cure is a positive thing. Anything that educates in this field must be good eh?

Hope your all well
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  • At 8:58 pm, Blogger mouse said…

    Happy New Year Happy Dave! Regarding the previous post - Yes, it is simple, trouble is, we are complex:) Love you and wish you well!

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