Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Prevention is better than cure???(click here for info!)

I think this is a possitive move. Dont you? It would have been nicer to know before I was diagnosed so I could have changed my diet or something! Well....If I am going to ask for a wish....It wouldn't be that I had a better diet! Whats past is past. Lets just hope that this infomation will help cut down on the amount of people who get ms.(two million world wide....lets stop it getting any bigger!)

So 5 days till Christmas(I do realise no one will be reading this till after christmas now but hey ho!). We enter the period of time where your thinking that you have to plan better for next year...Or is that just me? I do try to plan in advance but its not a bad trait. All presents bought...Just need to wrap them now. Got Jen coming on Thursday and its the last time I will see her this year.....Oh my jesus hairy christ! What am I going to be like when she moves away? Well lets see eh!

Hope your all well
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