Monday, January 08, 2007
Woke up this morning with a cracking pain between the shoulders. From left to right for some bizarre reason. It reaches up my neck and hurts when I turn my head to the left(Doctors all at once say "then don't turn your head to the left!") the pain goes down each arm to the elbow! I think the trip to the shop yesterday broke me. I had to go out today also. Yet again it was raining. I put on my rock boots and a hard face. Went straight out and got supplies for the goth queens visit tonight.(why she can't drink beer really escapes me) got home and played some Tool and thrashed around my front room till the pain went away. Exercises eh!
Tool - Right in two

I can't wait to see her. There is a thought every couple of minutes that just tells me she will be going this year. I have to beat it down with "Enjoy it while she is here" but I know its coming. What has she got to stay for? She will be better off without me....I know she will. Thoughts of my ex spring to life... Then they are beaten down too. My god I am so much better without her!!!! Arn't I? As long as I don't fall into the trap of sympathy sex with women in future I will be fine! I don't intend any pain with this for Jen...And god knows its not a gesture to make her stay. Maybe this just the start for this one. I know I love her. She is in my skin!

Hope you are all well!
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  • At 7:48 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…


    you HAVE to read this.

  • At 8:15 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    OMG!!! I knew it. Any support to this has to be done. This is the type of thing that we need. This is amazing. I would say say we are cured if this gets government support. Ethical too! Wow thankyou Mdmvonpa. This counts for an update by itself. Acure in our life time! Yey! Come on guys do it now! I am getting in touch with my ms nurse asap!


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