Saturday, January 06, 2007
Max Planck.....err click the link!
Max Planck Institute Takes Delivery of Waters Synapt High Definition MS System
New Technology Expected to Enhance Neurodegenerative Disease Research

Long read but worth knowing that something is moving in the right direction!

I finished Six Foot Under last night and I am still blown away by it. A great series to own and I am so glad I have it all. I think I will have to buy a new DVD player soon though as I don't think it will be able to take the beating I give it for much longer. The intermittent swearing I give it is getting stronger each time the screen jumps. I know I will get violent if it does it through the next season of 24!

Its really raining outside today. I had to go out...I will have to buy a bigger jacket that covers my legs as there is nothing more chilling than wet legs when your sat in a wheelchair...I haven't wet myself, it was the rain! Chilly knees!

Jen is coming Monday night!yey! Beer and sleep over!!! Still got candles and I think take out pizza. Such the romantic eh!
So 3 showers today, two in my bathroom one just in the rain outside. My hair is having a bad day. It looks like an Afro! I think I might have to get it cut if I can't control it somehow. I think I am too old for dreadlocks and I would hate to copy Bobbeh. Maybe I should do something different that I have done before. My ears are too big for a Mohawk(yet again to old for that too!) and I have done the skinhead...Yet again my ears are too monstrously huge for that and I don't want to encourage my receding hair line! Hair tie maybe? Not going to stress about it for now.

Hope you all are well
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  • At 12:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Dave,

    I just finished Six Feet Under last night too!

  • At 1:48 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Hi Steph,

    It seems we have more in common than I first thought. What are you watching next? I am thinking west wing for soap opera injection. But can you suggest anything? I have added a few to my Tim Burton collection and I am determined to get all his work!


  • At 9:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    It is going to be hard to find something as good as Six Feet Under. Have you watched Dead Like Me? It's another cool HBO show. I also wanna watch Carnivale. Do you know that one? Talk to you later.

    Take care

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