Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Never a borrower(not the little people!) nor a lender be!
*****Giving Up The Ghost (Original Version)By DJ Shadow******

And the bank demons come back and back and back! There is one think with not working. All debt you accrued from when you had "a life" comes back and bites you in the ass. 1 loan I took out to aid me and my ex move house is now being called back. I sat and worked out that it is double the amount I borrowed. Damb interest! My own fault really. My inner monologue has been screaming "You should have dumped the bitch earlier!". There is two problems with that.
1. She dumped me!
2. I should have had more control!

I think I have it covered with the shares I got with the savings I had when I was working. Its proving to be a pain when trying to cash then in but I think I will be covered. There is two things I can do for the future and I have started the ball rolling with them but I may have too do the whole handing in my notice thing to my job. Its more of an emotional thing than anything. I know buying DVD's and CD's is going to stop for this year.(BooHoo!)

I will have to plan my spending alot better too but I am ok.I have been in worse situations before. I will have to curb my drinking and smoking...Its a health thing aswell I know but the finaces won't hold it forever. So I have been busy today. I got up at lunch time(yeah I know!) and went out shopping....For food! and have come home to fill in forms and create more post. If I let it stress me out then I know relapse won't be far behind. So I am taking it one step at a time. My thoughts are with Jaime today as she goes into hospital for her Novatrone injection. Smurf blood is a bitch! Good luck babe.

Anyway...Money! Lets look at my income from benifits:
Disability living allowance
Housing benifit
Ill Health income protection(IHIP!)
Incapcity Benifit(I need the forms for this!)

So thats it! I will let you know if I think of anything else.

Hope your all well
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