Monday, April 16, 2007
Music the healer!
After yesterdays update I am happy to report that I got a good nights sleep last night. I have been out and shocked a few people (and not with random screaming to the general public either!). I stood up in a store where they have never seen me on my feet before. I guess seeing a man in a wheelchair stand up can be a shock to some people. If they put the coffee on a lower shelve they wouldn't have caught the matinee! I gave an angry face and left after making my purchase. I know its not there fault. They didn't give me ms and they didn't put me in a wheelchair but there has to be a benefit somewhere doesn't there? There is a women behind the counter, who I consider a friend, gave me a smile and said "Getting better eh" I could only reply "Just need my coffee god dam it" and smiled. I don't think she will pack my ruck sack ever again! Well...They are too polite to ask whats wrong with me so I haven't told them. How very English of us eh.

Right I am on a mission to listen to every CD I have. One a day. I have worked out that I should be listening to music from my own collection for about the next ten years. I should really put them in order....But then you have the whole category or alphabetical debate. I figure...Just start at one end and listen to then all. One a day and record them in a database....Or on here maybe! Hmmm could prove interesting for some eh? At least you will get to know me a bit better. Lets see how long it takes eh. You might be in for a shock or too. I will start tomorrow.

Stay well
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