Saturday, June 30, 2007
I feel like a Zombie today!
I feel like a zombie today. All I need to do is mumble "Brains errrg brains" and you could sign me up to a George A. Romero film as an extra! I know I need new flesh and bones anyway. My head is pounding and I have just started on the pain killers again this morning. I have done well over the last few weeks without any. But its kicking my ass today!

Just had a text from Jen and her father has gone into hospital today. He had a hard day yesterday. He has been driving for 8 hours to get to a holiday designation. Jen and her parents traveled down south in the car. I hope they are going to be OK. My thoughts will be with them.

I am concerned for them down south and how they are going to get back. I will deal with the tag later. I have to look after myself too. I am not telling Jen of my state today(She has no internet access for a week so she won't be able to read this either). She has enough on her plate to worry about me.
I am going to lie down and listen to music today.

Stay well
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