Monday, July 09, 2007
Everyone likes a drink, no one likes a drunk!
The aftermath of the gig and drunken memories fully returned. I am not good drunk at all. Everything seems fine on the night but then I look for explanation in the eyes of my fellow patrons I am rudely awakened. Jen now knows my limits on the drink front and how many it takes before I fall over. How many I drink does effect the amount of people it takes to pick me up off the ground. Not sad in anyway just heavier. I think its about 5 then no more before I think I am a abled bodied person. I don't think Jen is to bothered until I become....No other way to say it...I became a dick.

I think I had full right to be angry when she was pushing me downhill with one hand while she was text'ing her friend with the other hand.....OK I didn't have any right. I was a dick! It seems that I turn into a very proud man of 31 and in a wheelchair, surviving the tyranny of a disabling disease....No I was a dick! No matter how you put it I am still a schmuck.

I think I have to spend some time fixing this. She said its ok but all the men out there know what that means!!!

Stay well,
posted by personallog! @ 2:22 pm  
  • At 7:20 pm, Blogger Zsauriel said…

    just to clarify...i was not texting anyone,i didnt even have my phone on me.We were on a hill veering one way and didnt need two hands on the chair because it was rolling freely.And he hadnt noticed for 5 mins...I don't understand the overconcentration on such a trivial thing,Dave.

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