Saturday, July 14, 2007
I have a new phone!
The trouble with my land line is now resolved(I don't know if I told you I had trouble but I did) BT came out and the engineer had to climb a post outside. The replacement telephone is fantastic. For the first time ever I have an answering service on my land line. I need to record a message for it. You know:
"Hi you have reached the Dave line leave a message after the tone"

The thing is.... I have resorted to "Hi this is Dave, do your thing after the beep!" and it doesn't feel quite right. I heard that on 3 and a half men, he uses Charlie but the idea is the same. I think I need a better one. Any idea's?

I will ask Jen when she gets here tonight. Please do leave suggestions and I will see what I can do.

Blondie - Hangin' On The Telephone

The oldies are the best.hehe! I was two years old when this came out!

Stay well,
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