Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Is blogging no longer cool or something???
I go away for a couple of days and return to the desert of blogging times. There seems to be a drought of updates not just from myself, life gets busy for the wheel'led' man. I return with a new life around me. Some neighbors have moved out. Some still here unfortunately but hey ho on we go.

I still walk around my home with a wobble in my step. Holding on to every wall and every piece of furniture without wheels with Spiderman agility. I still live in the pain bucket that ms brings. I am still in love with the early riser that is Jen. We are still looking for a suitable place to live in coffin dodger city by the sea. I still haven't finished 24 season 6(oh I bought it by the way) and I am deep into the exciting series. And finally....I am still here!

I had an interview with a retirement specialist from my old job. It appears that my money is going to be credited to my bank account with the money they are going to pay me for making me redundant too. I will have enough money for our move and Christmas as well. Talk about falling on your feet! I think the Karma owes me this week for the illness I have had the last two weeks.(My turn to be knocked over by a car tho I guess)

I have a week planned to search for a place to live in St Annes from the 15th. I will be traveling there on my own(Jen joins me mid week) to search for a place so wish us luck. I cannot wait to move. We are settling in together and it should be up there or we will never move.

At least I am no longer full of snot.
Stay well,
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  • At 11:51 pm, Blogger Stephen said…

    i am a former 24 watcher (after a few seasons, it began to seem too formuaic to me), and just watched an episode of an olnd fave, la femme nikita, and found a lot of actors were in both shows. talk about type casting!

    good luck in st. annes!

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