Monday, December 17, 2007
My first day on my own in St. Annes
Its nice to sit down and listen to music again. I have a 'thing' for Cafe' del mar and Jazz that Jen doesn't. I now feel like I am home. I can make it out on my own too but today is for my music. Jen has gone out today. I think a day trip to Manchester shopping will do her some good. She is picking up some Christmas presents but I think familiar shopping with my money might make her happy.(a short term fix but a fix non the less)

Let me tell you about St. Annes in a wheelchair. The buses up here are different than in Manchester. Wheelchairs in the city have priority over prams and pushchairs so its easy access to any part of the city. Going to the local bar or pub have easy access also. The pavements are hard work but you can get about. In St. Annes its a bit different. The pavements are harder work. Locally there is an issue with substance which effects pushing your wheelchair on long self propelled journeys. If you have batteries in a wheelchair I would think its fine. There is many of the older generation here in monster trucks riding the pavements with the greatest of ease. I am just waiting for one of them to say "Eat my dust" and leave me behind cackling like a witch on their way. The buses are a different issue. Well look at this:

No priority for wheelchairs. It's OR. I had to wait 6 buses to get into Blackpool. There is no policy apart from '1st come 1st first served'. There are so many young families here I am surprised I got on at all.....I am not bitter honest but we are not having kids just to be given a priority.

I will get back to normal soon honest. I am just waiting for a bus eh!

Stay well,
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  • At 6:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, you sure sound better and well settled.

    Happy Holidays to you both,

  • At 10:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Me and Mam couldnt get on 4 buses in a row with a pram today, we ended up calling dad for a lift! They suck! xx

  • At 7:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My name is John-- I live in NYC and my mother has MS. I just finished law school and I truly hope that I can help change the laws to make life easier for those with disabilities. I suppose the latest thing I saw on the subject was an attempt to ensure that more Taxis are wheelchair accessible...anyway, I hope you and Jen have a good Christmas. I share you desire to find a cure for MS and you can contact me at if you want to chat about anything.
    My mom can definitely empathize with your comments on the hard roads as NYC streets can sometimes be bumpy and difficult to manage- not to mention the occasional unfriendly new yorker who refuses to move out of the way!

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