Saturday, December 15, 2007
New life....Same broken body.
Its weird. I had big plans for us when we got here. The grass is always greener I guess. I have had 1 old friend contact me. One! Friends who I thought would be here to say "Hi." haven't. She told me one guy thought I was dead. One guy to knock off the Christmas card list eh. I was hoping Jen would fit in with a group. There is no group. I can tell she is sad and missing her friends. I hope I can fix this.

Oh....The broken body bit. I fell down a flight of stairs....Backwards. My body is still getting used to the extra exercise and Elvis knee's don't help. I climbed the stairs and when I reached the top step my left leg didn't move. Right leg started to wobble. I went backwards and grabbed out for the banister. My hand held tight with my body falling down the stairs. I felt the muscles in my left arm and chest rip. I let go and bounced down the stairs banging my ribs on every second step. I know how to fall and reduce damage so I didn't break any bones. My ribs got a bit pulled but the worst damage is my pride. I had a couple of nights hard sleep but I am good now. Still a bit painfull to touch but I guess I am ok now. A couple of days rest and I will be fine.
Underworld Crocodile

I just hope I can get a few friends round to make Jen feel more comfortable.

Stay well,
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