Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Grumpy old Dave.
I am so sick of telephone sales people. I have set up my telephone for the new address in St Annes....The telephone company asked if I would like our name in the telephone directory with the number listing. I said "no way" as we have had quite a few callers trying to sell us crap at this address. The annoying thing is they tried to sell me a credit card during the call. I said "No thanks" and completed the call. The good news is my Internet connection should be set up a week after we move in.

After I finished the call I rang the cable company I use and closed my account.... They tried to sell me a new cable agreement.... I told them "No" and hung up. As if by magic the phone rang. I picked up and I had a call centre perp offer me a credit card. Again I told them "NO" and hung up.

You think that would be it wouldn't you...... I have had three further calls trying to sell absolute crap and one call for a survey on insurance policies. I also got a call 5 minutes ago and it went a bit like this:

"Hallo, can I speak to Mr Warryiorrrr" The Indian lady said Getting my name completely wrong.
" No.... He is dead. He died this morning. Please stop ringing its realy upsetting"
"Oh I am so sorry..."

I hung up here in case she tried to sell me something. I haven't had any others...Yet!

I just hope our telephone company doesn't give our new number out. I have never been a grumpy old man before. I think this has been brought about by yesterdays estate agent visit. The people he showed around were younger than half my age. In fact.... If you added the age of the new kid's together, they would still be younger than me. They looked about 12 years old. In fact I think their mother came with them.

I have to calm down before Jen gets home. Jen is six years younger than me(yes I rock!) and I don't want her to get the wrong idea when I have my speech about kids "nowadays".

I am a grumpy old man. When did that start?

Stay well,
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  • At 8:48 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    Here in the US, we have a 'Do not call' list ... works but you still get pinged by not-for-profit and political campaigns.

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