Friday, December 31, 2004
my god! something for persective!

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well christmas was good! its the days after which made a wreck out of me!
Picture this!
Friends come round for a party(cool!)
Some very drunk Dancing and laughing people having a great time! (also very cool)
Dave is not drunk
Dave gets up to go pee and falls flat on his face!(thats not the worse thing!)
Dave is not drunk!
Dave is carried to the bed room after a very embassing toilet visit then put to bed! Onset paralsis just stopped everyting from nesk down! (still there is more!)
Dave lies in bed till 6 oclock in morning listening to people having a good time! Dave being left alone! (there you go! the bad bit!)

What insane things are there left to go through! Oh by the way the title to this update is lots of the 'f' word being used.....lots!
Cant wait till new year!
I have flu as well! thats the ANTI MS drugs I got stopping my production of white blood cells!
HaHAHAHA madness is setting in I swear!
hope you guys are having a better time!
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Monday, December 27, 2004
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Well happy holidays! I have come to my family home to enjoy life for a couple of days...dont worry this is not going to be a list of what I have received. That isnt what christmas is about! I have found somthing else this year. I can see this year what I havent seen before... its familyand the love! Its been great to see the little ones running round laughing opening present. Thats the life!
Dont worry I am not crying or anything, its just when you have something like MS it makes you look at the larger picture every day....every minute....every second!
I find myself looking for people who have had MS for a long time, people who have done the christmas thing every year with MS. I have not been to any meetings with any other new starters but I think Woody Allen said it best: "I would not join any group that would have ME as a member!" not that we have an option but he is right! I think I would see it as an alcoholics anon meet(sorry guys but I have never been to one and I am not one!) I have seen a couple of people on blogger who have put up there opinoin of these meeting and it doesnt sound good. I guess its people looking for help during the bad times.
We need happy times now!
.....(wait for it!)....Its the season to be jolly....your turn!

Well I have an meeting with a physio on January 7th. this is the person who will sort out my walking stick! (yipee!) and I am not to sure what else. I will update when that comes about! I do have to say a big thankyou to you all for keeping me going and I hope you are all having a great time over christmas coz I am! We had a small white christmas too but it didnt stick!
Keep laughing keep smiling Speak soon!

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Thursday, December 23, 2004
Looks like I spoke to soon
Hello again, It looks like I had a good couple of days or some thing! Just when I thought it was going well MS shows its ugly head again! back to square 1. damb it!
Woke up early yesterday morning....bad day! legs back to drunken! typing now very slow! feeling drowsey and very tired! Oh well....think I now have exceptance!
Back to day time television! Well at least they are showing re-runs of Friends and Cheers. Dont know what I would do with out Christmas day time Television.
Well I am going to my parents house for christmas to see all of the family! All the stress from ms will be returned after christmas.....I'll Be ok!
Plus I get the added benifit of being able get drunk very easily!! (Look for the benifits every time)
Well Make sure you all have a good christmas I will be looking at you accounts over the holidays to make sure you are all ok, and Localhost will be helping me with changing my blog for next year! you might even get a photo of me and sassia too! Keep smiling! Keep laughing!
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Monday, December 20, 2004
I haver been to work today and received a confussed look that I have not had before... Ever! I was asked by a member of staffIf I was ok....that bit is ok. When I said I was fine then came the look. "You dont look fine" came the reply as I looked to hold on to somthing. When asked againI felt the need to tell them I had a sore back as I didn't see them as a friend. After 10 mins of mindless conversation I had to sit down or fall down.
I then told my colleauge about the ms and requested if we could finish conversation sat at lunch. During lunch break I felt that I shouldn't hide from tell them about it. I mean I am not exactly proud of the fact, my question isnt why did I feel I couldn't tell them straight away. My question why should it matter if he knows or not . My god there are people on the other side of the world who know this . Why should I feel embarised about MS? IS THIS A MAN THING PLAYING WITH MY HEAD? Protecting my man hood type thing? Or am I affraid to show a weakness?

Not only that. I good public transport for my journey home and I fell on somone when trying to walk to a chair on the bus. .....ok stop laughing! I said oops made my appologies, turned red then sat down...
oh god what a day!
I am waiting to see a phisio so they can sort some things for me. One of them hopefully a stick or somthing. I dont feel like I want a stick. I want to walk untill someone says "dave stop it!" I think thats another man thing...; I will be fighting this all the way but I dont feel old enough for a stick. Sorrry if that offend anyone with a stick but we are all fighting are battles in our own way, this is mine. Maybe the wrong way...maybe the right way for me who knows? I dont see any doctors with MS trying my way yet. I really dont want to take this lying down, or sitting.
Well I think the dose from the docter is doing something but I am not what. Look how much I have typed. It must be doing something! Not helped my spelling or typing tho!

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Saturday, December 18, 2004
hello all, Well I am in to the new house as of the 1st december. all thanks to the lovely family and friends who helped, you all have in one way or another. My broadband provider decided it would be good to loose all my account!! They have told me it will take another 10 days to activate.....god doesnt like me much or something!(dont go there!) I am back at work to do this update!
I do have an MS update for me! I have received my first dose a drug that may help me! Its blue, it takes all day to administer and I have to be in hospital to receive it! YIPEE! Smurf blood!(thats the cartoon!) Felt really bad for three days but back to work now....dont know for how long but I am here! not just for the internet access either. I want some people around me. Even if they go say AHHHHHHH! to be honest I want to get away from day time television.
I get internet access BB on december 24th so I will take this moment to say merry christmas to you all and I hope the MS demon stays away for the holidays! Keep your head up!
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