Friday, December 31, 2004
well christmas was good! its the days after which made a wreck out of me!
Picture this!
Friends come round for a party(cool!)
Some very drunk Dancing and laughing people having a great time! (also very cool)
Dave is not drunk
Dave gets up to go pee and falls flat on his face!(thats not the worse thing!)
Dave is not drunk!
Dave is carried to the bed room after a very embassing toilet visit then put to bed! Onset paralsis just stopped everyting from nesk down! (still there is more!)
Dave lies in bed till 6 oclock in morning listening to people having a good time! Dave being left alone! (there you go! the bad bit!)

What insane things are there left to go through! Oh by the way the title to this update is lots of the 'f' word being used.....lots!
Cant wait till new year!
I have flu as well! thats the ANTI MS drugs I got stopping my production of white blood cells!
HaHAHAHA madness is setting in I swear!
hope you guys are having a better time!
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  • At 2:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    LOL! Being someone with PPMS, I just loved the humor you use in your blog about this nasty disease! I think humor is one of the best meds we can use!

    I hope you don't mind me linking to you, I think so many of my friends with MS will enjoy your blog!


  • At 12:24 am, Blogger pocketpunk said…

    bollox and pi55 - bloody hell!!!! cannot belive you had such a nightmare time when u got home - - - must have been the combination of me sat on your knee( i was extremely pissed) and ALL the food u ate . . .. . . . ie lots of
    never mind - it was excellent - wouldnt have been xmas without you and you know it - love u loads dave xxx

    love nic+stu+bron+trinx

  • At 6:17 pm, Blogger C. Fish said…

    I feel you on that one. Took a friend into the French Quarter here, and everyone around us was drunk.. and I was the one staggering and falling all the time cause my legs went 'drunken' on me, and yet I'd not had a drop to drink.

  • At 12:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    As somone who is in full MS relapse and also had the flu during the Christmas holidays I can soooo relate. I love that we can still laugh about it. Without humor all is lost. I don't have as much the "drunken" legs but I certainly have some standing and sitting issues. I adore finding out that I'm not so odd and alone after all. Not one single person around me has ever known anyone with MS and fails to "SEE" the illness. I'm so glad to have found you and others to help keep me grounded. Thanks for sharing!

    Friday's Child

  • At 2:18 am, Blogger Sassia said…

    Something which does appears to have missed off here is: Dave insisted on taking part in a marathon smoking session prior to this happening!! And to give justice to all present no-one treated him any different! Which the following day he was very greatful for!!!

    Sweeatheart no dising - but sometimes there's your side of whats happened and the truth!!

    I do understand there are times that MS does stop you from doing what you want - BUT there are also times you use it... (I know you)

    Now for some that will be reading this (you know who you are) they'll see this as a crack (or wishing so) - if so then you have NO idea what we have gone though or what we can be!!! I have put this to try and vent some of the other side of being a partner of an MS sufferer!

    Dave I still love you but you still have to do the washing up!!


  • At 10:52 am, Blogger personallog! said…

    for your side please use your blog! this is my diary not a place to make me look bad, I can do that bit on my own.....sorry this comment should have been for Sassia/Sinead. At least you will read this more now!

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