Monday, May 09, 2005
Found a flat.....
Date to move house 21st of may! Flat is 2nd floor.....I know! Need to sort out bills and stuff but it works out that I will be better off than staying with Sinead! I don't know how I worked that out. Every time I Wright it down I come out with more money at the end of the month!!! Some thing wrong with that!?!?!?!?

Well more money for beer and travel to work. Might even save some money to!I know! My god favors the infirm! Maybe he/she feels sorry for me now(every time I say this a relapse hits, you just watch this space!) maybe I deserve a break.

Spent last week at parents house getting drunk every night! Even went to the pub. Met a couple of lovely ladies who I took pleasure in hiding my stick from! Its all down hill from here on in!

I will be off line for a bit until I sort out the broad band for the new place but please don't forget to visit just in case I get access from the local library.
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