Wednesday, October 19, 2005
This one is for Jen...

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I will let you make your own discsion on this one! I think I am doomed when it comes to choosing women. Its just the best ones are allways taken! Dont leave me high and dry! Love is such a bitch! I think I allways going for the wrong women for a reason. As soon as I find out why I will tell you, but right now I am just going to enjoy it! Jamie Cullum reminds me of better times!

Going to see the doc today to get the 'ok' for the jump!wish me luck! It has got be ok before I do it! Got to get there first! Its a bit of a walk. I need to get out the house first!

Roll on the holiday I so need it! I just want to read a book in another setting than my flat. Just going with the intension to relax and kick back! I havent had a real holiday since Goa with Sinead. Now going to kick Em's ass at chess!(yeah right!hehe)
Are you going to miss me next week? I wont have internet access in the hills of scotland...well I dont think I will anyway! We will see! I have two more updates before I go. Any requests?

Take care of each other

Just got back from the doc's and the doctor D says its fine!Yeeehhaaa! He even took a sponsership form from me to put in the waiting room! I get to do the jump! wow!
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  • At 2:52 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    Of course I will miss u next week!! :( Congrats on your DR. giving you the ok to do the jump now you absolutely HAVE to do it!! We all know you will and can!!!Have fun on your holiday too!!

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